What to wear for desert safari Dubai – Tips

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Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most enjoyable excursions for vacationers. You get to do several adventure activities like Quad Biking, skiing on the sands, Hummer rides, camel rides and also rejuvenate yourself with some evening activities like Sheeshah smoking, BBQ dinner, and Belly dance shows. But, you can only enjoy all this if you are totally comfortable and relaxed.

To be utmost comfortable at the desert safari, the most important thing to keep in mind is to dress appropriately. Deserts have an atmosphere and activities where all kinds of clothing will not be suitable. Hence, you need to follow some tips while you dress up for the evening desert safari in Dubai. Listed below are some useful tips for what to wear on Desert Safari in Dubai.


Wear full clothes

You should wear fully covered clothes at the desert safari because while you are touring on this sandy land, there are a lot of winds due to which the sand particles can irritate your body if exposed. Also, try to carry a small handkerchief or scarf to cover your hair from the harsh air. Do not wear clothes which expose your body too much as it is against the local culture and also not advisable considering the weather conditions.

Also, make sure that you carry an extra pair of jacket or scarf as it tends to get cool and chilly at night as the wind starts blowing.

Check the fabric

Due to the sticky, hot and humid weather in the desert which is same throughout the year, make sure you choose the right kind of fabric to wear. Do not wear any synthetic, nylon, rayon or other body hugging fabrics. Cotton or hosiery clothes will be the most suited to be worn on the best desert safari Dubai, and you can probably get away with chiffon clothing as well.


Do not wear too tight clothes

As mentioned above as well, the weather in the deserts is quite hot and humid. In this case, you will feel sweaty, uncomfortable and suffocated in tight and body-hugging clothes. So, make sure to wear something loose enough for your body to be able to breathe. At the same time, do not wear something very loose as it might get difficult to handle the dangling clothes during adventure rides. Another reason to avoid tight clothing is that you need to move around in the desert, especially during the thrill rides and activities. So, you should be comfortable with your outfits.

Specific footwear

Avoid wearing slippers and floaters for the safari. Choose footwear which is fully covered and provides you a strong grip in the sand. This is essential especially when you plan to do the adventure activities, as a lot of sand gets accumulated on your feet during the same. The sand particles might make your feet itchy and scratchy, which is why it is best to avoid such situations in the first place. So, wear fully covered walking/running shoes or any other fully covered type of footwear. For more information visit our website today.

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