Types of Desert Safari in Dubai UAE

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A trip to Dubai is without any doubt incomplete without taking a desert safari tour. But before you book a safari, you need to know the different types of best desert safari Dubai packages available for tourists so that you can choose the best and enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Here are some types of desert safaris in Dubai.


Jeep safari Dubai

Desert safaris in Dubai provide you with a lot of vehicle options, and riding in a jeep is one of them. If you want to ride on the bumpy sand dunes while feeling the desert breeze and enjoy every single aspect of the desert terrain, you should choose a jeep desert safari.

Luxury desert safari Dubai

Everything in Dubai is done with utmost luxury, and desert safaris are indeed not an exception to it. If you want to feel the real essence of Dubai amid the rejuvenating desert atmosphere, book a luxury desert safari Dubai and get ready to be pampered like never before.

Camel safari Dubai

Camel is known to be the ship of the desert and well, how can you visit a desert and not ride on a camel? Most of the desert safaris in Dubai have camel rides included and make sure you book the one which offers you this activity.

Private desert safari Dubai

Desert safaris being one of the biggest attractions in Dubai, is always flocked with a large number of tourists. If you wish to be away from the hustle and bustle of other tourists and truly enjoy the serenity and solitude of the desert, you can book yourself a private safari where you will not be tagged along with other tourists and get to enjoy a secluded arrangement of activities.

VIP desert safari

Dubai is the land of flamboyance and glamour. So, every moment spent here should match that adjective. Booking a VIP evening desert safari in Dubai will make you feel nothing less than a royal, as you will be given an excellent service like special dinner dishes, secluded tents, and rides in the latest off-road vehicle models.

Lama desert safari

Lama is one of the most famous and widely recognized evening desert safaris in Dubai. It is especially famous for its dune bashing and has gathered a lot of applauding from tourists all over the world. There are many activities included in the lama desert safari, some of which are special Belly dance shows, BBQ dinners in tents, photo sessions and camel rides. You also get to smoke the famous Arabian sheeshah while on this safari. So, the Lama Desert safari will mean a complete experience of the authenticity of the Arab land and a memorable evening altogether.

Desert safari in Hummer

Hummer is one of the mightiest SUV vehicles and is commonly used for desert adventures in Dubai. If you want to make your desert safari all the way more thrilling, book yourself a Hummer ride desert safari and treat the adventure junkie inside you.

So book a safari of your choice and have an adventure filled holiday trip at Dubai.


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