Everything you need to know about Desert Safari Dubai packages

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Most of the tourists come to Dubai mainly to visit the deserts which surround this flamboyant city. Desserts are famous for making the tourists feel thrilled and tranquil at the same time, because of the kind of activities it hosts. There are many ways in which a trip to the deserts can be enjoyed, which makes it one of the most loved excursions in Dubai among tourists of all age groups.

Here are the different types of best desert safari Dubai packages which you can go through and choose the one which suits your travel needs the best.

Morning Desert Safari packages    

If you want to witness the desert glittering like gold under the sunrise glow, a morning desert safari is perfect for you. This desert safari Dubai starts at around 9am, when you will be picked up and taken to the desert. This is a perfectly suitable safari for tourists who are more interested in dune bashing and other adventures than relaxing at desert camps under the moonlight.


Evening Desert Safari packages     

Evening desert safari in Dubai is the most preferred type of safari by tourists. This is because this trip allows tourists to get a glimpse of the desert in the day as well as night. The desert looks its best during the sunset, which is a picture-perfect landscape for you to capture as well as strike some poses against the backdrop. Evening desert safari packages include delicious Dubai dinner in the desert, belly dance shows, camel rides, henna tattoo application and all these activities can be combined with desert adventures if you wish to do so. You can check packages for the same with the tour operator you choose.


Overnight Desert Safari Packages  

Desert safari activities are one of the most fun things to do in Dubai and many a times, just an evening desert safari Dubai does not allow enough time to do it. If you wish to enjoy the solace and solitude of the desert to the fullest, you can book yourself an overnight desert safari. There are many attractive packages available for the same. Check for packages which combine desert adventure activities like quad biking, hummer rides, camel rides and sand ski along with your overnight desert safari trip, so that you can get maximum activities at minimum costs.

Arabian nights Desert Safari packages      

All of us have been listening to the world-famous literature tales of Arabian nights since childhood, and wonder where the desert lands of these stories belong. Well, you can experience the magical and mysterious lands from the Arabian Nights right in Dubai. The best desert safari company in Dubai which you choose as your operator will have different tour options for Arabian Nights desert safari, which will be a mystical experience in itself. Do this desert safari Dubai online booking in advance because this tour being one of the most popular ones has most of the booking slots full many days before the safari date.

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