What is dune buggy safari in Dubai?

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No tourist can return from Dubai without going on a desert safari. Most of us know about the camel rides, Belly-dance shows and other traditional activities which happen at the desert safari, but there is surely a lot more to it. A dune buggy safari is one of it and is something which should definitely be a part of your evening desert safari in Dubai. If you want to add some level of thrill and extra enjoyment to your trip, the dune buggy desert safari is the best choice.

A dune buggy ride is nothing but a refreshing ride on special desert vehicles which are mighty and powerful. You can ride up and down while bashing through the bumpy sand dunes and give yourself an experience which will make you feel out of the world. If you are in for some extra fun while on your trip, dune buggy rides are just the right thing waiting for you. There are many tour operators in Dubai who provide dune buggy desert safaris at attractive packages.

Before you go ahead and book this trip, here is some information which might help you know more about the activity.

Where to book dune buggy safari in Dubai?
A dune buggy safari can be booked through any tour operator in Dubai who is rated well by the tourists. You can combine your dune buggy ride with morning or evening desert safari as well as the red dunes safari. Doing it while on a red dunes desert safari Dubai will be a unique experience because you will be riding on red sand deserts instead of golden ones. Yes, there are some sand dunes in Dubai which have a tint of red, depicting nature’s magic at its best, and you will definitely be stunned with the entire experience.

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What all to carry?
You only need to carry your personal essentials, a camera and some fun and positive spirit to the sand dunes safari in Dubai. Everything else is taken care of by the tour operator.

What to wear?
Wear comfortable cotton clothes while you for a dune buggy safari in Dubai. Do not wear any fabric which will end up making you uncomfortable in the hot and humid climate. Cover yourself enough to have an effective protection from the sand particles.

You will be able to enjoy the dune buggy rides under the guidance of an instructor who will get you through all the riding instructions. Hence, you do not need to worry about your safety unless you carefully follow the rules put down for you.

If you only wish to enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere of the desert without having any adventure, you can even book yourself a desert safari without dune bashing. In this safari, you will be able to enjoy the relishing BBQ dinner amid the desert while watching belly dance shows and sipping on some traditional Arab coffee. So, no matter what your choice is, best desert safari Dubai has everything suitable for different types of tourists.

So book a dune buggy safari and have a lifetime experience at Dubai.

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