Dubai desert safari tours – Evening Desert Safari at Best Prices

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Dubai as a vacation spot is enriched with a suite of activities and sight-seeing destinations. It is a place which absolutely satisfies a traveler’s wanderlust, and a vacation to Dubai is definitely incomplete without going on a desert safari. Evening desert safari in Dubai is conducted at the beautiful and vast stretching deserts on the outskirts of Dubai and Sharjah, and has some really amazing activities for the tourists.

Here are all the important things you need to know about the desert safari so that you are all set to treat yourself with an experience exhilarating enough to last a lifetime.

Booking desert safari tour

There are many tour operators who offer you best desert safari Dubai as well as other sightseeing and excursion packages. You check out for the packages from one of the reputed operators and book for Arabian night’s tours and other types of desert safaris as well as day tours. You can book group as well as individual tours through these websites as they have a variety of tours and excursions which will help you explore Dubai according to your personal travel preferences.

Camel safari Dubai desert tour

Riding on a camel is one of the biggest attractions of every desert trip in Dubai. Most of the safaris you book are inclusive of camel rides because it is an activity people enjoy the most. Camel rides are a refreshing, fun and well, bumpy ride on the desert land. As you are riding a camel, you get a panoramic view of the desert which is indeed beautiful and an experience in itself.

Dubai desert sunset tour

Watching the sun set against the glittering golden sand of the desert is a sight beyond breathtaking. While on an evening desert safari or a desert sunset tour as you might call it, you will get a chance to soak yourself in this mesmerizing and magical view. Do not forget to carry your camera along so that you can capture the view to cherish it forever.

Desert safari Dubai Cheap rates

Dubai desert safari costs start from AED 45 and the prices increase according to additional recreational and adventure activities which you wish to do. The costs are different depending on the tour company. You will be benefitted if you are traveling by group, as there are a lot of group discounts offered by tour operators.

Activities at Desert safari

The best desert safari Dubai is a fun filled package loaded with amazing activities. Once you reach the desert camp, you get to relish a BBQ dinner and smoke sheeshah, enjoy a Belly dancing show and apply traditional Henna designs. You also get to do some of the most thrilling adventure activities like Hummer rides, sand dunning, sand ski, quad biking and much more to calm your adrenaline rush. Desert Safari in Dubai has activities for people of all age groups and preferences, which makes it a must-do activity for all the tourists in Dubai.


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