Why Desert Safari Dubai belly dance with BBQ dinner is unique

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Every vacation you go on has a unique and special experience reserved for you. Same is the case when you come for a vacation to Dubai. The most special aspect of going on a vacation to this beautiful city is the evening desert safari in Dubai, and what makes it so is the activities it includes. Most of them are different and authentic to this Arab land and so, you will get to experience the best of it over here. Belly dance and BBQ dinner while on the desert safaris are one of the most enticing experiences you will ever have in Dubai. To know what awaits you on the best desert safari Dubai, read below to know more.


What is Belly Dance?

Belly dance is a dance authentic to Dubai, performed by young ladies who have exceptional dancing skills. Adorned with shimmering outfits and jewelry, these performers groove to the typical Arab tunes, which are perfect to enjoy the desert atmosphere. A belly dance performance is surely worth watching as it is one of the best dance forms you will ever come across. Along with this, you also get to watch some fire stunt shows at the belly dance Dubai desert safari, which makes it a complete package for entertainment and frolic.

What is BBQ dinner in the desert?

Barbecue dinner, or BBQ dinner as you might read it, is a delicious BBQ meal served at the desert camp. With a wide range of foods ranging from traditional Arab dishes like Hummus and pita Bread to something like Biryani, Noodles, and Chicken/Vegetarian Barbecue, you will get some of the yummiest foods to eat on the safari. You can enjoy this delicious meal while sipping on some welcome drinks or smoking a sheeshah (Arabian smoking pipe) which has unique flavors. At the end, you will be served with mouth-watering deserts and fresh fruits, making your dinner a completely satisfying one.


How much does it cost?

A desert safari which includes BBQ dinner and Belly dance performances along with several other activities costs somewhere around AED 45 to 50. It can increase if you choose to book the VIP safari package, which has private Belly dance performances and other secluded luxury arrangements. If you can stretch your budget, we advise you to book a VIP safari itself as it has the best services and hospitality along with a more sumptuous BBQ dinner menu and better performances. Well, this does not mean that the offerings in the basic package are not good. At the end, no matter which safari you book you are sure to have fun and enjoy it. Instead of an evening Belly dance in Dubai desert safari, you can even book an overnight one to spend a longer time in the mesmerizing deserts. Also, if you are a group of people, you can even avail to group discounts and offers. Check for the same with your tour operator.


So book a Desert Safari with belly dance and BBQ dinner and have a wonderful evening in Dubai.


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