Cost of Quad Bike Safari Dubai Per Person

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Cost of Quad bike safari Dubai per person

The Arab land of Dubai is best known for its deserts, and anybody visiting Dubai indeed treats themselves with a desert safari. But did you know that evening desert safari in Dubai is not just about smoking sheeshah, belly dance shows, and BBQ dinners? Yes! There is a lot more to enrich your desert excursion experience. If you are someone who seeks adventure wherever you do, then the desert quad biking activity is perfect for you.

You can easily book a desert safari Dubai quad biking along with booking your desert safari, and get ready to experience an adventure like never before. Read below to know more about the cost and other details about quad biking.

What is quad biking?

Quad biking in the deserts of Dubai is one of the most exhilarating things you would do in your life. It is nothing but riding quad bikes on the mighty and bumpy sand dunes with a thrilling speed. It does not require any professional training, and anyone who is seeking some pumping can do this activity. You just have to maintain the right balance while sitting on the bike and enjoy the landscape around you. It can be done along with your safari tour, making it your best desert safari Dubai experience.

What to wear?

Wear fully covered attire for the activity as there will be a lot of sand particles attacking you while you rush fast through the sand dunes. Carry footwear which fully covers your feet. Have a towel along as you might sweat during the activity. Apart from all this, the most important thing you need to wear is your fun attitude, shift to your adventurous personality and get set to create an experience of a lifetime. READ MORE ABOUT: TOP 8 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT DESERT SAFARI

How much does it cost?

Quad biking costs start right from AED 60 and go up to AED 250, depending on the kind of ride you choose. It also depends on the cost of the desert safari and your inclusions in it. It is highly recommended for you to add as many adventure rides (sand ski, sand dunning, desert biking, hummer rides) as you can along with your desert safari so that you get to experience the sandy lands at their best.

What is the age limit?

Anybody above the age of 12 years can enjoy the quad biking ride. There are many smaller quad bikes which younger tourists can ride under the supervision of the tour operators. It is important to carefully listen and follow all the riding and safety instructions to get the most of your adventure.

What are the timings?

A quad biking ride lasts for about 20 to 30 minutes and is mostly conducted along with your evening desert safari in Dubai. The activity is conducted in many different time slots all over the day, but with cool winds blowing and sun being moderate, it is best to book an evening quad biking ride along with the desert safari.  

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