The Best Entertainment at Desert camping in Dubai

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Desert safaris are the most popular activity to do in Dubai, because of the amazing entertainment activities it offers. You will not be able to contain you level of excitement by seeing the number of options you have to entertain yourself amid the golden desert sands.

Here are some details about what all you can do in while on a desert safari and camping in Dubai. Read below to know more.

Activities at desert safari Dubai

Desert safari in Dubai is much more than just a tour of the deserts. It is a treasure box of activities which will make you go wild with thrill and excitement, giving you a calm and refreshing feeling at the same time. From desert adventures like hot air balloon rides, quad biking, dune bashing, hummer rides, jeep safaris and camel rides to rejuvenating and relaxing activities like desert camping, BBQ dinners and sheeshah smoking, deserts host a full variety platter of things to do. If you want to be relaxed and pamper yourself for a time longer than just a few hours, you can choose an overnight safari. If you want more of the thrill and adrenaline, you can choose the morning desert safari. If you choose to only relax and enjoy the calm atmosphere of the desert surroundings under the moonlight, you can even do that at the evening safari desert camp.


Dubai Desert safari safety rules

Though there is not much to worry about your safety while doing desert camping Dubai, you need to take care of some basics as follows:

-Stay with your tour group and do not go far from the site.

-Follow basic safety precautions mentioned to you before going on adventure activities like dune bashing, sand ski and even camel rides.

-Do not offend the local culture or traditions in any way.

-Wear fully covered clothes so that you are protected from sand particles and harsh air which might take speed during the desert safari.

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Desert safari costs

The best desert safari Dubai starts from the price of AED 35-40 as the basic costs which have inclusions like BBQ dinner, belly dance performances, sheeshah and camel rides at the safari desert camp. Sometimes it may include a Hummer ride as well. The basic cost of desert safari will increase if you want to add any other recreational and desert adventure sports to the safari package. You might be eligible for a package offer or group discount if you are a large number of people. You must check about the same with tourist operators.

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Dubai desert safari timings

There are different types of desert safaris in Dubai carried out at different timings. There are morning, evening and even overnight safaris organized by different tour operators. The morning safari starts at around 9 am, evening one at 3.30 pm, and overnight starts at around the same time as evening desert safari in Dubai. The timings might vary slightly according to the tour operator you choose, so make sure you confirm it in advance.

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