Benefits of booking desert safari excursion in Dubai

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Dubai! It is without any doubt one of the top rated holiday destinations all over the world. Its tall standing skyline, luxurious hotels, record breaking malls, historic mosques, shimmering street markets on a land surrounded by crystal clear ocean waters make it a dream destination for many. But what makes it one of the most loved destinations is the desert landscape which always manages to make travelers experience the best of Dubai.

If you are traveling to Dubai for your next holiday trip, the first thing you should do as a part of your tour plan is to book a desert safari for yourself, as it is not something you should miss out on. Read below to know more about desert safaris.

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Cheap Dubai excursions

Dubai is a land of glamor and luxury, but it does not make desert safari something you cannot afford. The best desert safari Dubai prices start from a low range of AED 75 and can increase as per the package. Dubai desert safaris are one of the cheapest ways to have fun in Dubai and experience the vibrancy of Arab lifestyle, without having to shell out a lot of money. All you need to do is find the right tour operator, book, and head for an experience of a lifetime in the mystic golden sands.

Types of desert trips in Dubai

Desert trips happen in the morning as well as evening. The morning trips mostly include different adventure activities like sand dunning, hot air balloon rides, and hummer rides. Evening desert safari in Dubai includes BBQ dinners, belly dance performances, camel rides and photo sessions in traditional attire, inclusive of adventure activities if you wish to do them too. You can even have an overnight desert safari if you wish to spend more time under the glittering desert sky.

Who can go on Dubai excursions desert safari

Dubai excursions desert safari is nothing but a heavenly experience. If you want to pamper and revitalize yourself at the same time while being surrounded by a magical landscape, a desert safari is a right activity to choose.

Dubai desert safaris are an activity each and every type of tourist will enjoy. If you are going with your friends, adventures like sand dunning, skiing, paragliding and bike rides will give you the thrill you need. If you are on a honeymoon, the calm romantic atmosphere of the desert will be indeed perfect.

How to book a desert safari in Dubai

There are many different ways to book a desert safari in Dubai. You can directly go on a Dubai tour operator website who organizes desert safaris. You can directly book and pay online for your safari. There are desert safari booking facilities at tourist help centers as well. You can even ask for booking assistance through your hotel where you are staying. You should be specific about the extra adventure activities with separate charges which you need to be included in your package while booking and paying for the safari.



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